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Amelia Irvine is the president of the pro-life, pro-family Love Saxa student group at Georgetown University.
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Georgetown accused of giving pro-family group’s donations to LGBT organization

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WASHINGTON, D.C., February 7, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — America’s oldest Jesuit and Catholic university has been accused of siphoning money donated to a Catholic student group to LGBT and LGBT-partnered organizations.

Love Saxa, a campus organization that defends traditional marriage, retained the legal services of Alliance Defending Freedom after discovering that Georgetown had deposited checks from their donors into bank accounts for the  "LGBTQ Resource Center Reserve" and the “Saxatones,” a group with ties to the Sexual Minority Youth Assistance League.    

The pro-life, pro-family Love Saxa student group is requesting its donors get in touch so that they can ensure Georgetown respects their intentions.

The Alliance Defending Freedom has written a letter to Georgetown University demanding that the institution investigate the matter, deliver the intended donations to Love Saxa and hold accountable those responsible for the misappropriation.

In its letter, the legal team detailed the appropriated gifts:             

“On November 1, 2017, an individual sent Love Saxa a check for $50.00. Miss Irvine (Love Saxa president Amelia Irvine) promptly deposited that check with the Center for Student Engagement, but the funds were never placed in Love Saxa's account. Instead, on December 8, 2017, this donor received a receipt from Georgetown University, showing that his $50.00 donation was allocated to the "LGBTQ Resource Center Reserve.

“On December 11, 2017, another donor contributed $100.00 to Love Saxa through Georgetown' Phonathon. But his receipt from Georgetown showed that his donation had been allocated to the Saxatones. Curiously, this group has partnered with the Sexual Minority Youth Assistance League.

“In December 2017, Miss Irvine also deposited a $250 check from another donor with the Center for Student Engagement. Once again, those funds have not appeared in Love Saxa's account.

“During Georgetown's recent Phonathon, one student involved in that effort told Miss Irvine that Love Saxa was "making bank" through this university-wide fundraiser. Apparently, Love Saxa's bold defense of values consistent with the Catholic faith excited many donors. Yet to date, our client has not received any funds from that event whatsoever.”

Love Saxa was at the center of a campus controversy from September to November 2017. It began when Irvine wrote about her group in Georgetown’s The Hoya newspaper. Angered by Love Saxa’s support of Catholic teachings concerning human sexuality, sexual complementarity and marriage, several Georgetown students made a formal complaint to the Student Activities Commission. They accused the group of “fostering intolerance or hate of others because of their … sexual preference.” In response, Georgetown’s administration launched an investigation into the group.

After debating the matter, the Student Activities Commission decided not to impose sanctions on Love Saxa. They sent their recommendations to the university’s director of student engagement, saying that while it “acknowledges and respects the concerns put forth by the complainants, the commission did not find Love Saxa’s purpose or actions to be in violation of the Student Organization Standards.”

The student-run commission stated that it strove “to create an environment among student organizations where ideas can flow freely in a civil and respectful manner” and that it upheld the principle expressed in Georgetown’s “Student Organization Standards” that “in a university, it is particularly necessary that his respect encompass diversity and difference of opinion.”

At least two complainants were unhappy with the decision. Jasmin Ouseph, a junior from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, told The Washington Post that the process was “ridiculous.”

“ … At the end of the day, it was eight straight people deciding that being pro-heterosexual-marriage-only doesn’t also mean that you’re anti-same-sex marriage, which I find a little ridiculous,” Ouseph stated. “Saying that I’m pro-white-supremacy would also indicate that I’m against racial justice. It works literally the same way no matter how you spin it.”

She has determined to push for university recognition of a campus pro-abortion group.

Chad Gasman, a sophomore from Los Angeles who identifies as LGBTQ, told The Washington Post that the decision was a “big step backwards” and called into question “the university’s reputation and self-made claim of being the nation’s most queer-friendly Catholic campus.” Gasman resented that fact that tuition money will continue to support Love Saxa.

“Ultimately, we’re being forced to pay for people who hate us,” he said.

But Love Saxa denied hating anyone. Hunter Estes, president of the Georgetown Knights of Columbus, wrote an editorial in The Georgetown Review in support of the group, warning against the dangers of the “hate” tag.

"It is incredibly disappointing that accusations of hate are being lodged against those who hold a view that is in line with the beliefs of our Catholic university,” he told LifeSiteNews. “I fear that the willingness to suppress opinions contrary to one's own is on the rise on our campus.”

“Accusations of hate have become tools to silence any form of expression from those who disagree with the modern political orthodoxy,” he said.

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San Diego bishop: Some Catholics have ‘corrosive and repugnant’ views on homosexuality

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February 7, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy said recently that there is “repugnant” and “corrosive” bigotry toward individuals identifying as LGBT on the part of “a group of people across all religious views.”

This “particularly antagonistic” regard for LGBT individuals by people in this group generates from the depths of the souls, Bishop McElroy said. It is a reality that must be faced and one that is “incompatible with what we hope to be as a church.”

The bishop was cited and quoted by New York Times columnist Frank Bruni for a recent “The Scariest Catholic in America” op-ed that focused on another Catholic venue rescinding a speaking engagement from controversial Jesuit Father James Martin.

Martin’s talk at the Diocese of Metuchen’s Our Lady of Lourdes parish in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, scheduled for February 15, was cancelled after concern was expressed over the priest’s appearance. A petition from The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP), a lay Catholic organization, asked the parish to host a “Catholic speaker who respects Catholic moral teaching and honors God's law.”

The Martin event was moved to a secular venue.

It was at least the fourth cancellation of a Martin appearance by a Catholic organization in recent months related to his problematic presentation of LGBT issues.

The Catholic University of America’s Theological College and the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre rescinded speaking invitations to Martin last fall, and another cancellation reportedly occurred for a London appearance by Martin for CAFOD, the official overseas aid agency of the Catholic Church in England and Wales.

Martin continues to be welcomed as a speaker at other Catholic institutions.

Martin and others sympathetic to his take on LGBT issues have issued scathing replies to the cancellations.

These have often conflated media outlets reporting on the controversy with individual social media response, and tried to equate honest critiques of Martin’s actions and statements with attacks on his character.

They have also cast criticism of Martin as “homophobia” and “censorship” from the “far right,” the so-called “Catholic alt-right” and “Catholic cyber militias,” with a number of such pronouncements directed at LifeSiteNews.

Another strategy that Martin apologists use is to bypass his problematic affirmation with homosexuality and say his scheduled topic at a given Catholic venue was to focus on something other than LGBT issues — ignoring the scandal of his overall efforts to normalize homosexuality.


Martin called TFP “a far-right online group” in a tweet on his latest pulled appearance, saying “I lament this caving into bullies.”

He went on in a subsequent tweet, “It's time for bishops, priests and lay leaders finally to stand up to the hate-mongering of online groups with no standing whatsoever in the church, who seek to substitute their spurious authority for legitimate church authority, and who seek to run the church by fear and hatred.”

Bruni’s NYT op-ed last weekend followed a number of others that framed Martin in an exceedingly laudatory light, beginning by calling him “a Roman Catholic rock star.”

It also minimized Martin’s troubling presentation of the LGBT issue, contending that all he has done is call for Catholics to be more respectful and compassionate to LGBT-identifying individuals.

The op-ed continued in the vein of aggrandizing Catholic pushback for Martin’s actions, using such terms as “far-right Catholic groups,” “the far right” and “ultra-conservatives.”

“The vitriol to which he has been subjected is breathtaking,” Bruni wrote of the provocative Jesuit, “a reminder not just of how much homophobia is still out there.”

He said in his piece that he talked to McElroy about the issue.

“McElroy said that while there are calm-voiced critics of Father Martin with earnest concerns about what they see as the church’s drift from traditional sexual morality,” Bruni wrote, “there are also out-and-out bigots whose methods are ‘incompatible with what we hope to be as a church.’”

“We have to face the fact that there is a group of people across all religious views that are particularly antagonistic to LGBT people,” McElroy told him. “That comes from deep within the human soul, and it’s really corrosive and repugnant.”

“Campaign of distortion,” “cancer of vilification”

McElroy was among those critical of the Martin cancellations early on. He wrote last fall that opposition to Martin’s speaking engagements was a “campaign of distortion” that “must be challenged and exposed, calling it a “cancer of vilification is seeping into the institutional life of the church.”

McElroy said as well that it was a “concerted attack” on Martin’s work, driven by homophobia, a “distortion of fundamental Catholic moral theology” and “a veiled attack on Pope Francis and his campaign against judgmentalism in the church.”

Martin is the American Jesuit priest, writer and editor-at-large of the Jesuit America magazine. Pope Francis named him as a consultant to the Vatican’s Secretariat for Communications in April 2017.

Father Martin has made numerous troubling public assertions regarding homosexuality that are at odds with Church teaching. They include, among others, suggesting that God created homosexuals as they are and that chastity is not required of homosexuals. He has stated that Catholics should reverence gay marriage, and gave his support to transgenderism in children and the idea of gays kissing at the sign of peace during Mass.

Martin’s critics say his affirmation of homosexual activity to same-sex-attracted individuals and puts their souls at risk — as Church teaching holds that sexual activity is reserved for marriage and only between a man and a woman.

Martin regularly charges critics of his message with hate, homophobia and as having latent homosexual tendencies, and allows vitriol in response to his critics from his large social media following.

Where does the bridge lead?

Martin’s book from last June, Building a Bridge, which has the endorsement of four U.S. bishops, a fifth from New Zealand and several other high-ranking prelates, is promoted as a call for the Catholic Church to be more welcoming to Catholics who identify as LGBT.

The Jesuit told The New York Times last June around the time of the book’s release that “pretty much everyone’s lifestyle is sinful.”

In the book, Martin calls for the Church to stop firing employees who publicly violate Catholic teaching on sexual morality – despite this being a long-established expectation of Catholic Church staff, and he also calls for language on homosexuality in the Church’s catechism to be changed to be less hurtful to those who identify as homosexual.

The book is based upon Martin’s acceptance speech for winning the Bridge Building Award from New Ways Ministry – a pro-gay group condemned by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and the U.S. Catholic bishops.

Catholic critics have said the book undermines the Church’s teaching on human sexuality, with some theologians saying Martin’s book is “slick dissent, “scandalous” and “full of ambiguity” and proposes an “alternate catechism.”

Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput wrote of Martin’s message last July that Jesus “didn’t come to affirm us in our sins and destructive behaviors – whatever they might be — but to redeem us.”

“The Church is not simply about unity – as valuable as that is,” Chaput said, “but about unity in God’s love rooted in truth.”

Cardinal Robert Sarah, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, described Martin in a Wall Street Journal op-ed last August as “one of the most outspoken critics of the church’s message with regard to sexuality.”

The cardinal echoed other critics of Martin’s book in saying authentic Catholic outreach to homosexuals only occurs in light of the Church’s moral teaching.

“People who identify as members of the LGBT community are owed this truth in charity,” Cardinal Sarah wrote, “especially from clergy who speak on behalf of the church about this complex and difficult topic.”

McElroy formally endorsed Martin’s book. The bishop has commended one of his LGBT-affirming parishes for its “particularly welcoming” approach, and he has said the Catechism of the Catholic Church language defining homosexual acts as “intrinsically disordered” is “very destructive language that I think we should not use pastorally.”

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Winter Olympics already setting records with 110k condoms available to athletes

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PYEONGCHANG, South Korea, February 7, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) -- Both men and women Olympic athletes at the Winter Games in South Korea will be given an average of 37 condoms each.

Olympic officials are distributing 110,000 prophylactics in grab-as-many-as-you-want baskets at athlete bathrooms, apartments, medical clinics, media rooms, and wherever the competitors gather, according to the South China Morning Post.

CNN asked if Olympic organizers are “expecting the most promiscuous Winter Games in modern history?”

Pyeongchang sets Winter Olympics record – for condoms

— SCMP News (@SCMP_News) February 2, 2018

“Olympic athletes are some of the few remaining decent role models for our youth, demonstrating that hard work, diligence, drive and clean living can bring about higher levels of excellence,” Father John Peck, blogger and creator of Good Guys Wear Black, Preacher’s Institute, and Journey to Orthodoxy, told LifeSiteNews.

“The International Olympic Committee continues the push for sexual license in an Olympic Babylon,” Father Peck said. “Soon, the Committee will no doubt be pushing for mentally ill men to compete in women’s sports, showing that rules mean little, reality means nothing, and demonstrating to the world that they are morally and intellectually inferior to the very athletes they encourage to fornicate as often as they eat.”

“Surely there is a better use Olympic Committee money can be spent on,” Peck concluded. “Leave the social engineering off the docket.”

“Generous contributors to the U.S. Olympic Committee ought to know that their tax-deductible donations are directly supporting promiscuity and gross immorality,” Archpriest Alexander F.C. Webster, Ph.D, dean and professor of moral theology at Holy Trinity Seminary in Jordanville, New York, told LifeSiteNews. “That is assuredly not in keeping with the venerable Olympic ‘spirit.’”

The number of contraceptives breaks a Winter Olympics record: 10,000 more than in 2010 and 2014. It doesn’t come close, however, to the 2016 Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro, where 350,000 male condoms and 100,000 female condoms were distributed.

The South China Morning Post announcement has raised little public concern. Organizers say their motive is to encourage “safe sex.”

EliteDaily explains “the facade perpetuating nothing but wholesome happenings in the Olympic Village first began to crumble at the 1992 Games” when organizers ordered thousands of rubbers.

Some of the 2,925 athletes won’t take them. Many will be taken home.

One athlete estimated that 75 percent of the competitors engage in licentiousness. reported that most of the condoms were donated by manufacturer Convenience Co. The company says it is trying to help “a successful hosting of the Winter Olympics and the prevention of the spread of the HIV virus.”

The International Olympic Committee began distributing contraceptives at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, South Korea.

Competition begins Friday, February 9.

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Planned Parenthood refused to stop committing abortions to get U.S. aid money: gov’t report

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WASHINGTON, D.C. February 7, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – The U.S. State Department issued a new report today revealing that 729 out of 733 organizations accepted the Trump administration’s requirement they not commit or perform abortion as a condition of receiving aid money.

Two of the organizations who wouldn’t cease committing and promoting abortions were International Planned Parenthood Federation and Marie Stopes International. The names of the other two are not yet public.

Government grants to the 733 organizations were up for renewal, and they had to demonstrate compliance with the Mexico City Policy in order to obtain funding.

“We could never agree to its conditions,” the Marie Stopes abortion company explained. But that means “we now face a $30 million annual funding gap...From 2018, many of our programs are facing a cliff-edge, and the gap will only continue to grow.”

The Mexico City Policy, now called the Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance (PLGHA), prevents U.S. aid money from going to organizations that commit or promote abortion abroad.

The first president to rescind the Mexico City Policy, which began under Reagan, was Clinton in 1993. George W. Bush re-established it and Obama rescinded it. One of President Trump’s first executive orders immediately after taking office reinstating the pro-life policy.

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) “established a team in Washington with representatives from across the Agency to oversee the proper implementation of the policy,” according to the State Department.

The report also says U.S. agencies around the world were trained in implementing the policy.

It notes, “the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops lauded PLGHA as ‘one of the most significant policy initiatives on abortion ever taken by the United States in an area of foreign assistance.’”

“With less than six months of policy implementation, it is too early to assess the full range of benefits and challenges of the PLGHA policy for global health assistance,” the State Department said.

On December 15, 2018, the State Department will conduct another review of the policy.

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Vatican science academy tweets New York Times story supporting population control

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VATICAN CITY, February 7, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – The Vatican's Pontifical Academy of Sciences tweeted yesterday without comment a New York Times article about people using birth control to stop having children because of "climate change" fear. 

The alarmist New York Times article said some people are “acutely aware that having a child is one of the costliest actions they can take environmentally” and are therefore using artificial contraception to prevent that from happening.

“If it weren’t for climate change, Allison Guy said, she would go off birth control tomorrow,” the Times reported.

The Catholic Church teaches that artificial contraception is intrinsically evil since it separates the unitive and procreative purposes of the conjugal act.

After tweeting a link to the pro-contraception report, the Academy then retweeted a few hours later a suggestion that being “pro-life” includes environmentalism. ​

“You can not call yourself [a] ‘pro-life advocate’ unless you take a stand against ALL threats to life - the catastrophe of climate change, war and the arms trade, an economic system with vast amounts of exclusion and inequality,” the tweet, written by an International Monetary Fund (IMF) employee, said. “You must stand with Pope Francis.”

Anthony Annett, Assistant to the Director at the IMF’s Communications Department, composed the tweet. It was in response to a thread started by a pro-life twitter user asking the Pontifical Academy to “take note” that the Church needs to “send a message of hope” in response to the New York Times piece about people rejecting children out of climate change fear.

The Academy’s account responded by saying Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’ gives “hope...on the common home.”

The full twitter exchange can be viewed in the video above.

Bishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, Chancellor for the Pontifical Academy for Sciences, raised eyebrows around the world yesterday when he said that forced abortion-committing, human rights-abusing communist China is the “best” at implementing Catholic social doctrine.

Last year, at a Vatican conference titled “Biological Extinction,” Sorondo told world-famous pro-abortion and pro-contraception population control advocates in attendance that the Church’s teaching on reproduction is unclear. Sorondo has been instrumental in bringing promoters of contraception, abortion, and population control to speak at numerous Vatican-run conferences.

“We know some part but not all of the doctrine of the Church” about fertility and procreation," he said.

“Many times, we don’t know exactly what is the doctrine of the Church – we know some part but not all the doctrine of the Church about the question of the fecundity,” said Sorondo.

The bishop then added that “education” will help women have fewer children, one or two rather than "seven."

“Many priests say to me that the great solution for the question of procreation is the education of the womans [sic],” said Sorondo.

“When you have education, we don’t have childrens [sic],” he said. “We don’t have seven children. Maybe we have one children, two children. No more.”

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A young man shares his testimony in 'Voices of the Silenced' Voices of the Silenced trailer
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Movie theater bans film about ex-gays being bullied into silence

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LONDON, England, February 7, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – A cinema has canceled a non-profit’s scheduled premiere of its film about people who have voluntarily changed their homosexual behavior and are silenced for speaking about it. 

Core Issues Trust, a Christian group that helps people who experience unwanted same-sex attraction, had arranged for Voices of the Silenced: Experts, Evidences and Ideologies to be screened at the Vue Cinema at London’s Piccadilly Circus on Thursday at 7:00 p.m.

The cinema sent Dr. Michael Davidson, the head of Core Issues Trust, an email today telling him the theater “will not be able to fulfil the final terms of the agreement” because they have “the right to refrain from providing screening services up to the point of any pre-booked screening.”

“This is a very important film raising public awareness about difficult issues faced by a whole category of vulnerable people, and we are very disappointed that the screening has been cancelled at the last moment,” said Davidson.

Voices of the Silenced was filmed over two years in eight countries. People from all around the world were scheduled to attend its premiere.

The pro-LGBT website Pink News wrote a story about the scheduled film showing, blasting the notion that people may “change” anything about their gay identity. It cited English politicians and public figures who want to make it illegal for therapists to help patients achieve their desired goals as related to leaving homosexuality.

Then, the screening was canceled.

On its website and in its mission statement, Core Issues Trust stresses that it works with people who voluntarily seek its services.

“Very often people who are coming out of relationships or sexual practices that they have been hurt by, have nowhere to go,” the charity says on its website. “They might feel isolated and have suffered the loss of connections with other people who were an important support structure. Not only that, but sometimes they find the help offered to them by loved-ones, the church or professionals doesn't reflect the values or desires that are motivating their need to change their lifestyles.”

At Core Issues Trust, “clients have the right to a safe space for self-exploration and self-determination with a therapist who honours their freely chosen values.”

The film interviews 15 people who left the homosexual lifestyle. It “challenges the closedown of the debate about the value of therapeutic support to these people in ways that are respectful of clients and individual rights to change,” Christian Concern said in a press release.

Voices of the Silenced examines today’s sexual politics and the ideological basis for trying to ban certain types of therapy. It compares the sexual ideologies of the Greco-Roman world with today’s prevailing opinions on sexuality, which Christian Concern said is “the re-emergence of pansexual humanist values in the modern era.”

The film also highlights how Judeo-Christian values have influenced sexual ethics throughout history.

“Our journey will remind us of some of the key memories in both ancient and modern history to help us discern the destructive drivers of sexual politics that underscore both homosexual and Islamic radicalism,” the filmmakers say on their website.

The Christian Legal Centre is supporting Core Issues Trust. It is considering asking the High Court for an injunction or “taking action against Vue under the Equality Act 2010.”

“Ironically, the actions of PinkNews and Vue cinema illustrate the point of the film. The Voices of the Silenced are, in fact, being silenced,” said Andrea Minichiello Williams, CEO of the Christian Legal Centre.

“This is fundamentally a free speech issue,” she said. “As usual, a minority of gay activists use threats and intimidation to shut down any opposing views. Tragically, they can’t tolerate the truth that there are significant numbers of men and women who have no wish to remain in a gay lifestyle and seek help to leave it.”

“At the moment we intend to go to the cinema tomorrow and we intend to watch the film,” said Williams. “We intend to encourage everyone that has a ticket to turn up.”

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Screen grab from the film "MA(L)CHANCE - À un choix de te perdre"
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New pro-life film shows how abortion destroys the special bond a mother has with her baby

Fr. Mark Hodges Fr. Mark Hodges

PARIS, Francis, February 6, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – In what viewers are calling the "most powerful pro-life video...ever," a new youtube video highlights abortion as a choice that destroys the most important relationship on earth, between a mother and her child. The minute-and-a-half video has over 61,000 views. 

“À un Choix de te Perdre” [With a Choice to Lose You] begins with a young woman discovering she is pregnant. She then begins to imagine what life would be like with her new baby. She plays “hide and seek” with him. She teaches him to count with his fingers. She helps him take his first step. 

Suddenly, the happy scene becomes overcast as the thought of aborting her baby enters the woman's imagination.

The woman finds herself on an operating table with the instruments of abortion close at hand. 

Flashing before her mind are images of her son who is recoiling from danger. She kneels before him, wanting to protect him. 

Wounds appear on the boy's face. Blood drips from his nose. It's as if the boy is being destroyed by abortion right before her eyes. 

He looks at her pleadingly to do something to stop it. 

She tries to hug him, but he disappears from her arms. She is left alone and broken. 

But the film ends with a message of hope. 

“What would my life have been like, without you?” states a text that fills the screen. 

The boy, now alive and well, is seen running to his smiling mother who hugs and kisses him. All is well.

She made the choice to protect her baby. 

Another text fades into view:  "Malchance" [Bad luck] turns into "Ma Chance" [My chance]. 

The video was produced for the Paris March for Life that took place last month. 

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India has killed 63 million of its daughters through sex-selection abortion

Fr. Mark Hodges Fr. Mark Hodges

NEW DELHI, India, February 6, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Sex-selection abortion is rampant in India, where parents treasure sons and dispose of their unwanted preborn daughters.

A government report shows India has an alarming imbalanced ratio of boys to girls: For every 100 females born in India, there are 107.6 males birthed.  The natural average is 105 to 100.

Girls are “notionally...unwanted,” India’s Economic Survey 2017-18 states.  Boys traditionally ensure parental economic care, while girls traditionally leave the family and cost a dowry.  

“Couples’ tendency to keep trying until a boy is born has led to the birth of as many as 21 million...unwanted...girls,” CNN reported on the matter. “The preference for boys and the availability of sex-selective operations, although illegal in India, means there’s a gender gap of as many as 63 million girls, classified in the report as ‘missing.’"

As LifeSiteNews has reported, “missing,” like “sex selection operations” are euphemisms for abortion.

Targetting females for abortion is rampant across the nation, even though it is technically illegal. 

Human Life International (HLI) India told LifeSiteNews that sex-selection abortion targetting girls is "prevalent.”  

HLI’s Milagres Pereira, who lives in India, shared an all-too-common scenario.  “A couple of miles away from my place a well educated and working couple killed three babies in a womb when they discovered they were girls,” he told LifeSiteNews via email.

“The slogan ‘Pre-Natal Sex Scanning is a Crime’ is all over government hospitals with huge fines and imprisonment notices, but they do not scare anyone because our nation has been deeply rooted in abortion since its legalization in 1971.”

Female infanticide is a growing practice in the country as well.

“Even now there are places where untrained village mid-wives have been known to put a spoonful of un-husked rice into the (newborn’s) throat, so the soaked rice expands and chokes the child to death,” Pereira related.  “As horrible as it may sound, this is the truth.  There are worse (means of sex selection) than what CNN has reported.”

“The gender gap epidemic that India is facing right now is none other than modern day eugenics,” Tara Shaver of Abortion Free New Mexico told LifeSiteNews. “The belief that one human being has more value or is less of a burden results in the skewed sex ratios of countries like India and China.”

Dr. Michael Parker said India’s practice “makes a distinction that one sex, mainly female, is less inherently worthy of life.  The Catholic Medical Association denounces this utilitarian view of the child.  All children regardless of sex are entitled to the right to life.”

“India’s skewed population is the end result of a lack of appreciation for the differences between males and females, not to mention a bias against welcoming the children God deigns to bless a family with as part of His plan,” the American Life League’s Judie Brown said.  

“Only in a culture where the human person is valued because he is an individual, regardless of gender, can this challenging imbalance be fixed.”

“We must expose the lethal sex discrimination and the anti-woman hypocrisy in the media which gives cover to the horrific practice of killing babies for the crime of being female,” Faith2Action’s Janet Porter told LifeSiteNews. “It is now obvious the fake news cares more about abortion than they do about the rights of girls and women,” the Heartbeat Bill champion said.

Amidst India’s gendercide, women’s rights advocates are largely and strangely silent.  Marie Tasy of New Jersey Right to Life asked, “Why aren’t all the #MeToo feminists protesting the systematic elimination of their gender?” 

“Where are the women’s groups to decry this blatant discrimination against females?” Mark Harrington of Created Equal asked.  “Sadly, they are leading the opposition to efforts to ban sex-selection abortions.”

“The practice of aborting based on gender affirms a sexist notion that girls and women must prove they are desirable in order to be granted human rights,” Sacramento pro-life attorney Megan Fera told LifeSiteNews.  “Those who believe in equality between men and women must oppose sex selection in abortion.”

Jill Stanek, National Campaign Chair for the Susan B. Anthony List, agrees. “This discrimination is a major blind spot for the modern feminist movement, which is failing women and girls with its extreme devotion to abortion on demand.”

“Sex selection abortions have the added nastiness of targeted bigotry,” Paula Westwood, Executive Director of the Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati told LifeSiteNews.  “The fact that unwanted little girls are the primary victims should have every feminist up in arms to protect them, but there is loud silence.  Because sacrifice to the god of Abortion is more important than protecting tiny human beings.”

“Abortions already exterminate half of all females in the womb.  Yet pro-abortion feminists have yet to address this injustice,” Shaver added.  “Until they do recognize the use of abortion as a means of targeting the female population globally, they really can’t claim to be true feminists.  True feminists embrace the fact that women are vital to society as the only ones privileged to carry new life in our wombs.”

“Abortion is oppression in its most deadly form,” Heartbeat International president Jor-El Godsey said.  “No child should ever be killed just because she is a girl.  Every woman deserves the right to be born. Every mother deserves to meet and hold her precious daughter.”

“A nation that has done such harm to its own women is in great need of healing, hope and help,” Godsey concluded.  ‘We see that here in America, and we see it all over the world --including in India-- wherever God’s people rise up to serve on the mission field created by abortion."

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Benedict XVI: ‘I am on a pilgrimage Home’

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ROME, February 7, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — Pope emeritus Benedict XVI has sent a handwritten letter to readers of an Italian newspaper, telling them that “with the slow decline of my physical strength, interiorly I am on a pilgrimage Home.”

Benedict sent the letter to Corriere della Sera after its senior correspondent, Massimo Franco, contacted the pope emeritus “through a private channel” saying that many readers have been asking how he is, and “how he is doing in his hermitage inside the Vatican walls,” ahead of the five year anniversary of his resignation on February 11, 2013.

Yesterday an envelope marked “urgent hand delivery” arrived at Corriere della Sera’s Rome office. Franco said it contained a piece of folded paper, which held another sealed envelope containing a nine-line handwritten note signed by Benedict XVI.

The letter, translated and published in full below, appeared this morning on the newspaper’s front page. 

Dear Dr. Franco,

I was moved that so many readers of your newspaper want to know how I am spending this last period of my life. I can only say in this regard that, with the slow decline of my physical strength, interiorly I am on a pilgrimage Home. It is a great grace for me to be surrounded, in this last and sometimes a little tiring stretch of road, by such love and goodness that I could not have imagined. In this sense, I also consider the question of your readers as an accompaniment along a stretch. That is why I cannot but be grateful, and assure all of you of my prayers. Best regards.

Since his resignation in 2013, Benedict has been living in the Mater Ecclesiae [Mother of the Church] monastery in the Vatican gardens.

The monastery was established by Pope John Paul II with the intention of housing an international community of contemplative nuns that would pray for the pope and the Church, rotating from one contemplative order to another every five years. The last nuns to live at Mater Ecclesiae, were Benedictine, under the pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI.

The pope emeritus vowed to remain at Mater Ecclesiae out of the public eye and dedicate his life to praying for the Church. Though he has regularly received guests and friends in private, including on his birthday, these visits have lessened in recent months. 

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Archbishop rebukes top cardinal’s proposal for liturgical ‘blessing’ for homosexuals

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PHILADELPHIA, February 7, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – An influential archbishop in the United States has issued a strong warning after Germany’s leading cardinal endorsed the idea of introducing a formal rite of “blessing” for homosexual couples.

Archbishop Charles Chaput says a “blessing rite” such as that proposed by Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx would “undermine the Catholic witness” on marriage and “wound” the unity of the Church.

“The imprudence of such public statements is—and should be—the cause of serious concern,” the archbishop of Philadelphia wrote in his weekly column on Tuesday. “It requires a response because what happens in one local reality of the global Church inevitably resonates elsewhere—including eventually here.”

Cardinal Marx has become one of the most influential prelates under Pope Francis. He serves on the council of nine cardinals who are advising the Pope on Church reform. He is president of the German bishops’ conference, and president of the Commission of the Bishops' Conferences of the European Community.

Marx’s comments came in a radio interview February 3.

He said the Church should give “closer pastoral care” to homosexuals, and “encourage priests and pastoral workers to give people in concrete situations [of homosexual unions] encouragement. I do not really see any problems there.”

“How this would be done publicly, in a liturgical form,” is “another question,” he said. “That is where one has to be reticent and also reflect upon that in a good way.”

When the interviewer asked if this could involve a formal “blessing,” the cardinal said “yes.”

Last month, the vice president of the German bishops’ conference, Bishop Franz-Josef Bode, initiated the public discussion of these “blessings,” describing same-sex unions as “positive and good.”

Chaput does not name any individual prelates in his column, but the reference is clear.

“Over the past few weeks, a number of senior voices in the leadership of the Church in Germany have suggested (or strongly implied) support for the institution of a Catholic blessing rite for same-sex couples who are civilly married or seeking civil marriage,” the archbishop wrote. 

The problem, he says, is that “any such ‘blessing rite’ would cooperate in a morally forbidden act, no matter how sincere the persons seeking the blessing.”

“Such a rite would undermine the Catholic witness on the nature of marriage and the family.  It would confuse and mislead the faithful.  And it would wound the unity of our Church, because it could not be ignored or met with silence,” he added.

To institute such a blessing “effectively encourages them in that state—in this case, same-sex sexual unions.”

“There is no love—no charity—without truth, just as there is no real mercy separated from a framework of justice informed and guided by truth,” he writes. “Creating confusion around important truths of our faith, no matter how positive the intention, only makes a difficult task more difficult.”

Read Archbishop Chaput’s full column here.

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Justin Trudeau once praised China’s ‘dictatorship’: He’s now making Canada a dystopian nightmare

Ernie Curry

Editor's note: Prior to his election as Canada's Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau told a fundraising crowd on November 8, 2013, that he admired China’s “basic dictatorship” because it allows "them to actually turn their economy around on a dime" to get things done. The report below is even more significant in light of this comment.

February 7, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – When I was a boy, I heard a dissertation from one of my teachers about Russian socialism and the trials that their people had to endure under a totalitarian regime. 

She told us that in Russia, mothers were not allowed to stay home and look after their children but rather they had to go out and work for the state. The children were put into government-run day care centers or schools where they were indoctrinated to accept and embrace the principles of Communist socialism and to regard loyalty to the State as being above loyalty to their parents or to any religion.

The country was run by the leader of the Communist Party who controlled all of the country’s money and therefore controlled the lives of the people. The leader of the party was in effect a dictator with absolute power and everyone under him merely carried out his orders. The obedience of the people was ensured by the employment of armed soldiers and police.

In return for working for the State, citizens would have all of their needs looked after, housing, food, clothing, medical care and education, etc.

Atheistic Secularism was the official religion of Russia.

Other religions were suppressed and while they couldn’t prevent people from believing in God, those who professed their faith openly or otherwise opposed the government’s wishes were punished through discriminatory government policies and practices. Or, they might just disappear.

In small-town Nova Scotia in the 1950’s, all of my friends' mothers were home looking after them. For my friends and me, this story was horrifying and I never forgot it.

In later years, I learned that when the communists took over Russia among the first laws that they enacted was to legalize abortion and to allow for "no-fault" divorce. It seemed that strong families were deemed as a threat to their sustaining absolute power.

In high school students were encouraged to continue their education and establish a career. I remember, however, that there was a particular emphasis in this program aimed at the girls. They were counseled not to consider marriage and family until they were in the position of having an independent income.

In a few years’ time, there was a definite influx of women in the workforce. I noticed that when couples got married they would both want to continue their own careers and would often put off having children because that would interrupt career advancement. The two incomes greatly enhanced their standard of living.

Canada's emerging totalitarian regime​

Over the years, successive political parties in Canada were elected with promises of welfare, guaranteed minimum income, employment insurance, maternity/paternity leave benefits, subsidized daycare and free medical care.

It struck me that these were the same things that the Communist dictators provided to their citizens and were funded, in part, by forcing women to work for the State.  Of course, all of these things cost money. To pay for them, Canadian governments had to steadily raise taxes. Forty years ago, two-income families had a higher standard of living. However, today, when our taxes are among the highest in the world, most families can’t survive on one person’s income. A woman couldn’t afford to stay home to care for children even if she wanted to.  If one was to calculate the money the family pays for income taxes, excise taxes and HST you might come to the realization that the woman is being forced to work for the State.

There is a saying that, ‘money is power’ and if a government acquires control of a too significant portion of our money, then they will begin exercise control over major aspects of our lives. Under the political ‘Party System’ in Canada, the leader of the party that wins the election becomes the Prime Minister. As leader of the Party, he or she controls the candidate selection process and can furthermore dismiss them from party membership even as MPs. If as Prime Minister he forms a majority government he would then have almost totalitarian power in running the country. The same system applies to the provincial governments and where a party forms a majority government the premier gains a dictatorial type of power.

In recent time there have been a number of decisions and statements by political leaders which display a contempt for Canadian citizens who value moral beliefs based on religion or conscience. Premier Notley of Alberta complained that the curriculum of the Catholic School Boards was unacceptable. Quebec and Ontario have mandated school curriculums which diametrically oppose the moral teachings of religious groups.

A dictator​ Prime Minister

On the national level, Prime Minister Trudeau has demonstrated a totalitarian attitude that is unprecedented in our history. After prohibiting any pro-life person from running as a candidate for the Liberal Party, the new Prime Minister has exercised his absolute authority to drive an anti-religion, forget your conscience, pro-abortion agenda. 

In March of 2017, he unilaterally announced 650 million dollars commitment of taxpayers’ money to promote sexual/reproductive rights (abortion) in poor countries and pledged 81 million dollars to the UN Population Control Fund who pay for abortions in poor countries. He then threatened to withhold health funding to PEI if they didn’t arrange to provide abortions on the small island province. I wonder if similar pressure was behind Nova Scotia’s recent announcement of expanding abortion-related services

In June the Liberals shut down democratic debate in order to drive through a bill to legalize assisted suicide/euthanasia which prohibits any type of objection based on conscience rights.

In August, he interfered in Ireland’s abortion debate.

In November, he attempted to remove from the Criminal Code the only provision protecting freedom of worship. He then appointed Sheilah Martin to the Supreme Court, who was the first judge to approve assisted suicide in Canada.

In December, Trudeau advised that anyone applying for Canada Summer Job Program grants must sign an attestation confirming support for abortion, transgenderism, same-sex unions etc. with no recourse to conscious objection.

In defending his decision, Prime Minister Trudeau spoke at McMaster University on January 10th, saying,

This (abortion) is a really important right that we have established and there are organizations out there that couch themselves as freedom of speech, freedom of conscience… Of course you’re more than allowed to have whatever beliefs you like, but when those beliefs lead to actions determined to restrict a woman’s right to control her own bodies, that’s where I, and I think we, draw the line as a country.

Of course, there is no dictator who is going to tolerate opposition based on democratic principles as ‘freedom of speech” and “freedom of conscience.”

Trudeau wants to defend his position that results in the killing of hundreds of thousands of unborn children, both at home and abroad, by insisting that he is standing up for women’s rights. However, a recent study by Population Research Institute found that nearly three-quarters (73.8%) of women with a history of abortion surveyed admitted that they experienced forms of pressure to terminate their pregnancies. More than half of the women reported that the perceived pressure was great enough to significantly influence their decision to abort. Nearly 30% of survey respondents admitted that they were afraid that they would lose their partner if they failed to terminate their pregnancy.

The president of PRI, Steven Mosher, says of the survey statistics “They suggest that a substantial number of women in America today who supposedly ‘choose’ abortion are actually being pressured into it by their husbands, boyfriends, or family members.”

This would suggest that Trudeau is not helping women but rather facilitating the people who want to pressure women to have abortions. At least 30% of these people are the fathers of the unborn children.

The latest exposure of Trudeau’s attitude of having personal absolute power is his refusal to consider the petition of 87 Canadian religious leaders to end his discrimination.

He dismissed the controversy as a mere “kerfuffle.” 

When we consider the number of partisan issues faced by Canadians, we should have a genuine fear of a Prime Minister who has such contempt for democracy and the actual ‘individual rights and freedoms’ of citizens.

Interestingly, Justin Trudeau identifies himself as a Catholic who is adamantly pro-abortion. In an article in the Ottawa Sun, Archbishop Terrence Prendergast contradicted his position saying, “You’re confused if you think that you can be pro-abortion and Catholic…It’s ‘logically impossible’ for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to consider himself Catholic and pro-abortion.” 

There is no legal right to abortion under Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but that doesn’t stop Mr. Trudeau from making the declaration by his own decree.

While he generously allows Canadians to believe whatever they want, if they interfere with his beliefs then there are going to be consequences. People of conscience in Canada have been put on notice that if they defy Prime Minister Justin Trudeau they will be considered second-class citizen who can be discriminated against and punished at his pleasure. 

I believe there is good reason to question Mr. Trudeau’s psychological fitness to govern a democratic country.

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Dear New York Times: I’ve had 8 ‘carbon footprints’ and each of them is changing the world for good

Fr. Mark Hodges Fr. Mark Hodges

February 7, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – The New York Times has found yet another way to push the leftist population-control agenda, this time using so-called "climate change" as its springboard. 

The Times' Maggie Astor wrote in a Feb. 5 article — titled No Children Because of Climate Change? Some People Are Considering It — that some people are “acutely aware that having a child is one of the costliest actions they can take environmentally” and are therefore using contraception to prevent that from happening. Alarmist rhetoric is replete throughout the article.

“It is not an easy time for people to feel hopeful,” the Times stated. It provided the testimony of three women who have decided to not have children because, as Chicken Little would put it, “the sky is falling.”

The piece will likely have wide appeal since it seems that many are hopping on the environmentalism bandwagon. For years, self-styled environmentalists have chanted the mantra that birth control will solve climate change.  Gullible church denominations have bought in.  Even the Vatican tweeted Sunday’s Times’ article and a Cardinal used Lent to warn of an impending “ecological apocalypse.” 

The New York Times suggests the responsible thing to do is to keep the family nest empty, or at least as empty as possible, reasoning that fewer children will reduce each family’s earth-destroying carbon footprint. Fewer children, less resource use, less climate change, the reasoning runs.

Let’s just think for a moment about the concept that having children is somehow destroying the planet. 

Is having children really the problem, or is the problem rooted in something much deeper, such as greed and selfishness? 

My wife Donna and I have eight children (seven wasn’t enough, so we adopted an abandoned autistic child).  

We raised them to be honest, helpful, and hard working. We homeschooled them all, up to high school. Five have married committed Christian spouses.

Two are firemen. One is a homemaker who lovingly nurtures her children. One is a social worker on call throughout the night helping suicidal patients (and a loving mother herself). Another is an ever increasingly successful lawyer in the region defending the accused. One is a piano teacher and accompanist who is also a competent homemaker and mom.

Another is a music composer, conductor, and recording artist. Another is a naturalist serving the county park district. One is a brilliant writer as well as a capable homemaker and mom. Another is a biological lab technician who analyzes blood work. One is in college and wants to go into social work. Another is finishing high school and wants to be a policeman. The last, our adopted autistic son, is now six-foot-four and gives us much joy as he jumps around the house, just like a happy camper. 

I am proud of my children who are each making a difference for good in this world. Each of my children is making the world a better place to live, for all of us. 

These are my so-called “carbon footprints.” If I were younger, I’d make more.

It is only a world that has lost hope that stops having children. 

It is only a world filled with despair that sees children as a problem. 

What does God say about all of this?

The first command God gave to Adam and Eve was to have children. The Bible teaches that children are a blessing, a gift from God to be desired.  “Offspring are a reward from the LORD... Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them,” the Psalmist sings.

Christians believe and profess that children are not destined for this world only, but for a Kingdom not of this world where God and angels dwell. Bringing children into existence for the sake of this Kingdom is the most beautiful task of a husband and wife. 

The main problem with the Times' article is that it sees children only as carbon-footprint makers, not a beautiful souls destined for a glorious purpose. 

In the Orthodox Christian marriage rite, we pray that God would bless the husband and wife like Rachel and Leah, who bore twelve sons plus daughters to Jacob.  We pray specifically that God grant the couple “the fruit of the womb as is expedient for them.”  We ask the Lord to “make them glad with the sight of sons (note the plural) and daughters (again, plural).” We ask that the man “multiply like Jacob” and the woman “multiply like Rachel.” And there are many other petitions for lots of babies.

The fact remains that fecundity wins the culture war. Environmentalists who stop having children are only ensuring that their ideologically-driven movement will soon go out of existence because they will have no one they can pass it on to. Those of us who have many children, teaching them the ways of the Lord, will inherit the earth. 

In the meantime, I will enjoy my children and encourage them to have many children of their own. So far it's working. I have twelve grandchildren.

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Doctors called Mark’s brain-cancer healing ‘miraculous’: I never told them who made it happen

Dorothy Cummings McLean Dorothy Cummings McLean Follow Dorothy

EDINBURGH, February 5, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – If my husband’s recovery from brain surgery is a miracle, whose intercession do I thank? 

When Mark was diagnosed with a brain tumor last March, nobody wanted to remove it. No matter how many operations he had — in total there were five — the surgeons thought excising the tumor was too dangerous.

Instead, they made a hole in his brain to drain fluid, and when that stopped working, they put in a standard shunt. When that stopped working, they put in an adjustable shunt. When a tiny brain clot made Mark throw up, they removed the brain clot.

Eventually, they sent Mark to a convalescent home, but I could tell he wasn’t improving. 

All over the world, people prayed for Mark.

Some were from Reformed traditions, most were Catholics. I’m a Catholic myself, and so I went on pilgrimage. The shrine of Venerable Margaret Sinclair is a five-mile walk from our house, the way made smooth and safe by bicycle paths. Three times I walked to the tomb of Edinburgh’s very own modern saint, twice with a friend, once by myself, praying all fifteen decades of the traditional rosary on the way. 

When I reached Venerable Margaret’s shrine, I would kneel or lie smack-down on my face to show her how serious I was.

And I would say something like, “Venerable Margaret, it would make so many of your fellow Scots happy if you asked Our Lord to take away Mark’s brain tumor. If you do that, and the tumor disappears, and the doctors say it’s miraculous, then we can get your cause for sainthood advanced. And how happy all the Catholics in Scotland would be. So do it for your fellow Scots, Venerable Margaret.” 

Mark, meanwhile, was declining. He became delirious and fell down. He was taken to Emergency for X-rays, and the doctors discovered his tumor was growing. It had to come out, or he would die. 

When Catholics hope to prove that a holy person is in heaven by asking their intercession for a miracle, we try not to pray to other holy people for the same miracle. Of course, we know exactly Who works the miracle. We just don’t always know whose prayers most moved Him to do it. 

But despite my determined little marches to the shrine of Venerable Margaret Sinclair, I begged the intercession of His Blessed Mother, too. I also brought holy oil touched to relics of two different saints, sent to me by friends (one in Rome, one in Arizona), and anointed Mark’s poor head. 

Mark was slipping fast. When he signed the release forms, I had to take the pen away and sign under the long scribble to testify that that was indeed my husband’s signature. Then I said goodbye to him in the operating theatre and went home. 

Well, Venerable Margaret let me down in one respect: the tumor didn’t just disappear. The surgeon had to cut it out, stopping just short of the cell layer on Mark’s brain stem. He phoned to say Mark was still alive; how permanent the damage was would not be obvious for 48 hours. 

The next morning, October 13, I went to the hospital not knowing if Mark would recognize me.  I prayed 15 whole decades on the bus ride there, begging Our Lady of Fatima for a special present: that Mark would be made entirely well. 

When I found him in the Intensive Care Unit, he had a breathing tube stuffed down his throat, and couldn’t speak. But when he saw me, he mouthed “I love you.” 

“I love you, too,” I said and added, “It’s the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima today.”

That must be the human explanation for why he started shouting as doctors removed his breathing apparatus, “Darling, darling, call [our priest], I’m dying...and her Immaculate Heart will triumph!” 

For three days, Mark’s mind shuttled between two thoughts: that the doctors were trying to kill him — a belief common to people after anesthesia — and that our Lady’s Immaculate Heart will triumph. 

The head surgeon was enormously pleased. Delirium aside, Mark’s recovery was unusually and unexpectedly rapid. 

He was pleased again when, three months later, we returned for Mark’s check-up. After shaking Mark’s hand, the surgeon sat across from him and stared avidly into his face. 

“Nothing asymmetrical,” he said.

This was the first indication we had that Mark’s face might have become partially paralyzed after the operation. But whatever side-effects the surgeon feared, Mark didn’t have any of them.

“It’s pretty miraculous,” said the surgeon. 

“He said the M-word ! He said the M-word!” Mark observed afterward. “Miraculous!”

And my heart sank a little. This was not because I was ungrateful for God’s great mercy, but because I wasn’t sure whose intercession to thank, and if I owed the priest in charge of Venerable Margaret’s cause an email.  

On the one hand, I made all those pilgrimages to Venerable Margaret, and the Catholics of Edinburgh would be delighted if we could attribute a miracle to her heavenly intercession. 

But, on the other hand, when I begged for Mark’s complete post-operative healing, I turned to the greatest saint of them all. And when my husband was able to speak, he shouted, again and again: “Her Immaculate Heart will triumph!” 

Some may wonder why it matters to me to find out who to thank: a miracle is a miracle, and miracles come from God. That’s certainly true, and I’m so happy my husband is better. But I  hoped that if there was a miracle, it would bring joy, not just to us, but to all the Catholic Scots who pray for Venerable Margaret’s intercession. However, given my last plea for healing, and the dramatic way it was answered, I think we can chalk this one up to the Immaculate Heart. 

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